Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

English + Indonesian Native Languages

These are some good signs that English has been used widely in Indonesia and merged within local native languanges. 

1. Jakartenglish: 
    Jakarte English is marked by 'sih', 'deh', 'dong', 'nih', etc 
    - That photo is very good, deh.
    - Can you speak english?... yeah, a little sih I can! 
    - Use my money first nih.. 
    - Give me more dong.. 
    - How sih? Little-little angry  

2. Sundanglish is also available,embeded with 'atuh', 'euy', 'mah' 
    - don't be angry, atuh 
    - It can't be that way euy.. 
    - I am mah, not like that

3. Javelish.. 
    The typical Javanese language: 'lho', 'lha', 'tho', 'koq', 'ki', etc 
    - Lho, I've already bought that book! 
    - Koq, buying again? 
    - I told you many times 'tho' ! 
    - Lha, I didn't know tho yo... how ki !? 
    - Don't be like that, no....!? 

    Other exclamation words of Java: 'wo_', 'wah', 'wé_', 'jian', and 'jé_' 
    - _ lha this lamp is mine...! 
    - Wo_, only like that tho!, it's easy!
    - Wah it's very expensive!
    - Jian, Mega is beautiful tenan
    - We may also use "Jan" by pronounce it with longer vowel sound to make it more dramatic, like      "jaaan" or "jiaaaan

    - Surobenglish is marked by 'tah' and the famous word is 'jianc---/jan--k (lho? kok using this word tho? This is a bad word ..) 
   - Do you feel sick, tah
   - jianc--... he took my money, rek
  - If you think that 'jianc---/jan--k' sounds too explicit, you may use some similiar words like jangkrik, jambret, etc.

 There are some abundant 'sound effect' or onomatopoeia in Javanese language that are commonly   used: 
- Suddenly, mak bedhengus Curtis appeared 
- My head feels pain, mak cleng
- Mak tlepok, and just like that I got a durian ! 
- My chicken is suddenly died, mak cekengkeng
- Mak gedebug, Mas Oji fell down. 

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