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Review: Ronan's Escape (Short Movie)

Sebenernya ini tugas bahasa Inggris ku sama Januar Anas dan mungkin udah di nilai sama dosennya. Daripada gak nulis sama sekali mendingan aku upload aja tugasnya di sini Semoga kalian suka dengan film dan review nya. Selamat menyaksikan.

Director: A.J. Carter

  • David Lazarus as Ronan
  • Ashleigh Zinko as Sally
  • Ryan Cammiade as Ryan ‘soccer bully’
  • Louise Van Praag as gym instructor
 Ronan (David Lazarus), a 14-year-old boy who's been bullied at school his whole life. He survives for a long time but nobody wants to treat him well. From day to day , he feels insecure, becomes a loner and loses his confidence slowly. Unfortunately,  everything keeps getting worse. Can he struggle and survive through the worst case scenario?
This accurate & controversial portrayal of life for someone who has fallen victim to bullying and the repercussions which exist, is told by director A.J. Carter in a unique, visually exposition intensive format with very little use of dialogue. Ronan's Escape presents a daily-like scenes with simple classic art twist to make stunning scenes.

The background music is suitable and makes a great combination with the scenes and also the music improves the acting of the actors and actress so they only use little dialogue. The costumes are simple and suitable. The place of this movie is so beautiful, peacefully and warm like the savannah when Ronan gets off from the bus.

The weak point is why some adults on this film don’t seem to help Ronan through his difficult problems and it makes Ronan feels worse.

We highly recommend this movie to watch. It shows us that bullying is very dangerous  because it can “kill” people’s confidence and ability slowly. For people who are alone and outcasted, kids who are bullied or lost, remember that you have a voice and you should use that voice to survive. Also, you must pray and believe to god because he surely helps you to survive through bad conditions.

Rating: 4.7 of 5

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